15th National Indian Nations Conference Wrap-Up

The second full day of the conference was busy just like the first but we had a wonderful time throughout the day interacting with more of our grantees, current and new. Lunch was amazing/staff was wonderful and Dianne Barker-Harrold was the plenary speaker during the hour. She got to speak to all 1200 conference participants about “Innovative Approaches to Enhancing Safety, Justice, and Healing for Victims.” Our executive director,¬†Stanley Pryor, also got to meet Sam English, the inspiring and well-known artist of the poster artwork for the conference. From 3:30p-5:00p, Gayle Thom and Dianne presented a workshop titled “Homicide in Indian Country, Responding to Homicide and Advocacy for Survivors.” This workshop provided information related to providing services to survivors of victims of homicide and challenges victim advocates encounter. Our work at the conference was officially over after this workshop. Our team had such a great week at the Agua Caliente Reservation and we cannot wait until the next conference in 2018! Until then, thank you or WADO (as Dianne Barker-Harrold would say in her Cherokee language). As a reminder, all conference materials (PowerPoints, handouts, etc.) will be available on the Tribal Law and Policy Institute website and the conference website. www.ovcinc.org

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