Addressing Homelessness in Tribal Areas – Invitation to Express Interest: Deadline October 19, 2018

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS) is pleased to offer a technical assistance (TA) opportunity targeted for organizations serving American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) experiencing homelessness both on and off tribal lands. The goal of this TA initiative is to strengthen partnerships between Tribal communities, urban native communities, homeless crisis response systems, state and local partners, trade associations, and other relevant stakeholders, to decrease the number of AI/AN households experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness by increasing their access to permanent housing.
Ending homelessness must be a community-wide – even a regional – effort; one that can only be achieved through close collaboration between a cross-section of public and private partners. Strong, collaborative relationships between tribal and non-tribal communities is an essential part of an effective systemic response that prevents homelessness whenever possible or, if it can’t be prevented, limits it to a rare, brief, and onetime experience. The Addressing Homelessness in Tribal Areas: Homeless Housing and Services Technical Assistance program is an opportunity to cultivate these partnerships and strengthen the response to homelessness experienced by AI/AN individuals and families.
To request an information packet and an interest form, please email LindaLee Retka at Interest forms are due no later than October 19, 2018.