EVAWI Online Training Institute

EVAWI offers excellent, free state-of-the art training at your fingertips! Want to learn more about the role of DNA in sexual assault investigations? Strategies for effective victim interviews? Successful report writing? Multidisciplinary collaboration? EVAWI currently provides 198 hours of training in 18 modules within the OnLine Training Institute (OLTI).
Courses cover a broad range of topics related to the criminal justice and coordinated community response to sexual assault. Plus, they are constantly adding more. Last year, two new modules were added: (1) Untested Evidence and the Investigation of Cold Sexual Assault Cases, and (2) Crime Scene Processing and Recovery of Physical Evidence from Sexual Assault Scenes.
EVAWI is now developing a 2-part series on the Forensic Examination of Sexual Assault Victims and Suspects. The purpose is to explain the forensic examination as a means of collecting evidence from the bodies and clothing of both victims and suspects. However, it will go beyond simply explaining exam procedures, to explore the different types of evidence that may be gathered during these examinations, and discuss how this evidence can be used during a sexual assault investigation. Participants will also have an opportunity to apply what they learn through a series of case studies.