Events of the Day: First Conference Day of the 15th National Indian Nations Conference- December 8, 2016

The Unified Solutions team had a wonderful and productive day yesterday during the first full conference day of the 15th National Indian Nations Conference. We started our day with 1200 conference participants in a beautiful and emotional opening ceremony. Throughout the day, we were honored to meet with various grantees, current and new, that stopped by our meeting room with their questions and concerns or just to say hello. Our Victim Training Specialist, Dianne Barker-Harrold, and our Technical Assistance Specialist, Jesucita Hernandez, presented an afternoon workshop, Compassion and Fatigue and Stress Relief for Service Providers in Indian Country, that was jam packed with 100 participants and neat ideas to battle fatigue and stress that so often consumes victim service providers. Dianne Harrold nd Gayle Thom, retired FBI, presented our second workshop of the day, Cultural Debriefing for Service Providers, that focused on why debriefing is an important step in the healing process for service providers affected by critical incidents. During the Cultural Debriefing workshop, Dianne was presented with a lovely gift from the Menominee Tribal Police Department embroidered with the department patch to represent all her hard work and service to the Menominee Tribe and their police department. We ended our day with a lovely dinner with our four Board of Director members. We are looking forward to the events of Day #2 and we hope to see you in our 3:30p-5:00p workshop, Homicide in Indian Country, Responding to Homicide and Advocacy for Survivors.

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