Healing for Crime Victims with Incarceration Histories

Crime victims with incarceration histories too often do not receive the services they need to heal because of the stigma and barriers associated with being formerly incarcerated. In an effort to reduce stigma and break down those barriers so these victims get the critical services they need, the National Resource Center for Reaching Victims (NRC) is soliciting letters of interest from local communities to participate in a pilot project to improve access to healing services for crime victims with incarceration histories.

Over an 8-month period, the NRC will provide technical assistance to a local collaboration of victim service providers and reentry service providers to help identify gaps and barriers to victim services for crime victims with incarceration histories and to create better pathways to healing for these victims. The project will also support local partners in devising a funding strategy to sustain the work and vision of their collaboration once the 8-month project period ends.

For this pilot project, NRC will select one collaboration, comprised of at least one victim services agency and one organization that provides reentry services. To apply, prospective collaborations must submit a joint letter of interest. Letters of interest are due by 8:59pm Eastern Standard Time on November 20, 2018.