Healing Justice Project wants to hear from You!

Healing Justice wants to hear from victim service professionals around the country about any relevant experiences or resources you may have serving crime victims in post-conviction cases of factual innocence and exoneration.
What is Healing Justice? This project supported by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) will create specialized tools and resources for serving crime survivors and murder victim family members (hereinafter “original victims”) in cases involving a post-conviction claim of innocence or exoneration.
Your participation in this questionnaire will help by :
(1) Providing key insights, expertise, and wisdom from victim service providers in the field.
(2) Informing the design of specialized post-conviction resources and tools.
(3) Ensuring that these resources and tools meet your specific needs and prepare your staff for when these cases arise.
This questionnaire should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Participation in this questionnaire is voluntary. Any contact information you provide will not be made public and will only be used for communication directly related to this project.