HHS Funding Opportunity: Tribal Practices for Wellness in Indian Country

American Indians and Alaska Natives have higher rates of chronic disease than other racial and ethnic groups in the United States. They have highest prevalence of diabetes, have higher heart disease and stroke death rates, are more likely to be obese and smoke cigarettes. Despite these health challenges, American Indians and Alaska Natives have a number of inherent strengths developed as a result of time, history, and adversity, including unique tribal languages and cultures, and use of these resources to foster community and cultural connections. Connection to place, history, culture, and spiritual strength all create opportunities for wellness that can be drawn upon to overcome these challenges.
Culture is the root of American Indian and Alaska Native identities – culture incorporates aspects of living, interpersonal and communal relationships, communication, worldviews, traditional customs, and spirituality. Tribal leaders have discussed the importance of investing in tribal practices and cultural traditions as they have supported good health and wellness in tribal populations for generations. This NOFO supports tribal practices that connect individuals and community to culture with the long-term goals of building resiliency; reducing morbidity and mortality due to heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes; and reducing risk factors for all chronic disease among American Indians and Alaska Natives.
Current Closing Date for Applications: February 20, 2018.
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