New End Violence Against Women International – EVAWI Webinar Recording Now Available in the Archive!

“Trauma Informed Interviewing: Turning Understanding into Outcomes.”
Webinar Description:
So you’ve learned about trauma and its effects. Now what? How do you translate that knowledge into outcomes for victims? How do you pursue justice and also be trauma informed? How do you work with victims who need help but are unable or unwilling to cooperate with law enforcement and prosecutors? How can you help victims of trauma share their stories so the legal system can pursue accountability for offenders – whether that is through a criminal conviction or a civil protective order?
This webinar focuses on best practices for trauma informed interviewing of victims to retrieve memories of incidents that can be used by law enforcement investigators, prosecutors and civil attorneys. Topics include a brief overview of trauma and its relationship to memory storage and recall, examples from actual cases where trauma informed interviewing produced concrete information that was used in court, information on interacting with victims who are resistant to prosecuting the batterer, strategies for helping victims construct a timeline for their narrative, and, most importantly, techniques for asking questions in a way that helps victims recall the answers.
Learning Objectives
As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:
• Describe the challenges with memory storage and recall of traumatic events.
• Explain the value that trauma informed interviewing affords to both victims and law enforcement.
• Conduct a trauma informed interview that produces high value information.