New Report from BJS: “Federal Prosecution of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, 2004-2013”

Just released from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Federal Prosecution of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, 2004-2013 examines commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) cases prosecuted in the federal criminal justice system between 2004 and 2013. CSEC offenses include child pornography production, child pornography possession, and child sex trafficking. The report describes persons investigated by federal law enforcement and referred to U.S. attorneys, and cases prosecuted, adjudicated, and sentenced in U.S. district court for CSEC offenses, including the disposition of CSEC matters concluded by U.S. attorneys, reasons matters were declined for prosecution, pretrial release rates, demographic characteristics of suspects charged with CSEC offenses, and key case outcomes, such as rates of conviction and length of prison sentences imposed.