New, Upcoming Webinars from the Tribal Forensic Healthcare Training Project

“Funding for Forensic Exams:
VAWA 2013 Requirements and Crime Victims Compensation (VOCA)”- Monday, February 13, 2017 2:00pm–3:30pm (Eastern).

This 90 minute webinar will

  • Describe the requirements for states regarding payment of sexual assault forensic examinations
  • Describe the different ways that states meet these requirements and how tribal health care providers can learn about payment in their state
  • Provide basic information on Crime Victim’s Compensation
“Evidence Integrity: Keeping it SAFE”- Tuesday, March 14, 2017
3:00pm–4:30pm (Eastern).
In addition to defining “forensic evidence”, this 90 minute webinar will discuss the policies necessary for transfer and storage of evidence. Proper storage of forensic exam documentation and record retention will be outlined, as well as Evidence Integrity from the National SAFE Protocol recommendations.