New Webinar Recording Now Available from EVAWI!

EVAWI recently hosted a webinar titled “Public Trust: Confronting Law Enforcement in the #MeToo Era.” The recording is now available free of charge in our webinar archive.

Course Description

Through an examination of case studies, after-action reviews, and the emerging national demand for increased accountability for all forms of sexual misconduct, this webinar encourages courageous conversations and inspires proactive leadership strategies to address and prevent law enforcement sexual misconduct. The overwhelming majority of those who serve in the noble profession of law enforcement are professionals that uphold their oath of office. However, the numerous headlines, arrests, convictions, and lawsuits describing horrific acts of sexual misconduct perpetrated by law enforcement officers are incomprehensible. The prevalence of law enforcement sexual misconduct and its impact on public trust cannot be ignored. A predatory sexual offender with the power and authority of a law enforcement professional is an extremely serious breach of the ethics of law enforcement, a violation of the color of law, and a traumatizing victimization for a citizen that officers are sworn to protect.