Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) has released a New Educational Video Series that Supports Alaska Native Victims of Crime: “A Healing Journey for Alaska Natives.”

This educational series is designed for federal, state, local, and tribal victim service providers, criminal justice professionals, and others who work with Alaska Native victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.
  • increase awareness about the origins, prevalence, and types of violence committed against Alaska Natives.
  • identify first responders to Alaska Native victims of crime, including Alaska State Troopers, Village Police Officers, Village Public Safety Officers, community leaders, victim advocates, elders, medical personnel, substance abuse counselors, mental health providers, the faith community, and allied professionals.
  • illustrate the challenges faced by Alaska Native victims and the critical role that culture and tradition play in both the well-being of Alaska Natives and in helping victims and communities heal.
  • present specific techniques and strategies for enhancing responses to and the investigation of violence against Alaska Natives.
  • illustrate—through case studies and personal experiences—how local customs, traditions, and best practices underscore the need for a multidisciplinary, multijurisdictional, collaborative response to violence committed against Alaska Natives.
View the video series here.