OVW Annual Tribal Consultation on Violence Against Women: Call for Written Testimonies and Recommendations

The Office on Violence Against Women extends a special thank you to all of the Tribal delegates who presented at the annual Government-to-Government Consultation on Violence Against American Indian and Alaska Native women which was held December 6th in Palm Springs, CA. We will be allowing time for additional testimony and recommendations for those who would like to submit to OVW. OVW is requesting authorized written testimony and documentation to be submitted by January 5, 2017. If you are a non-elected Tribal member wanting to submit written testimony, you must submit either an authorizing resolution from your Tribal Council or a letter from the Tribal Chairman authorizing you to offer testimony on behalf of your tribe. Please scan and send this document to info@ovwconsultation.org. If you are unable to scan this document, you can fax your authorization letter to (202) 514-5818, or mail it to:
Lorraine Edmo, Tribal Deputy Director
U.S. Department of Justice
Office on Violence Against Women (OVW)
145 N. St., NE, Suite 10W.121
Washington, DC 20530

For questions, please direct inquiries to: alparker@chenega.com