OVW Fiscal Year 2018 Grants to Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalitions Program Invitation to Apply

Purpose Areas:
In FY 2018, funds under the Tribal Coalitions Program may be used for the following statutory purposes:
1. Increasing awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault against Indian women; 2. Enhancing the response to violence against Indian women at the federal, state, and tribal levels; 3. Identifying and providing technical assistance to coalition membership and tribal communities to enhance access to essential services to Indian women victimized by domestic and sexual violence, including sex trafficking; and 4. Assisting Indian tribes in developing and promoting state, local, and tribal legislation and policies that enhance best practices for responding to violent crimes against Indian women, including the crimes of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, and stalking.
Sexual Assault Purpose Areas:
Eligible sexual assault coalitions or dual sexual assault and domestic violence coalitions will receive additional funding from SASP’s tribal sexual assault coalitions set-aside in the amount of $20,525 if they propose activities in the following areas:
1. Work with local sexual assault programs and other providers of direct services for sexual assault victims to encourage appropriate responses to sexual assault within the state, territory, or tribe; 2. Work with judicial and law enforcement agencies to encourage appropriate responses to sexual assault cases; 3. Work with courts, child protective services agencies, and children’s advocates to develop appropriate responses to child custody and visitation issues when sexual assault has been determined to be a factor; 4. Design and conduct public education campaigns on sexual assault; 5. Plan and monitor the distribution of sexual assault related grants and grant funds to their state, territory, or tribe; or 6. Collaborate with and inform federal, state, or local public officials and agencies to develop and implement policies to reduce or eliminate sexual assault.
Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (E.T.) on June 27, 2018.