Philadelphia Obituary project makes homicide victims more than just stats

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — It was a bloody day in Philadelphia: five people shot or stabbed dead. One of the shooting victims was Trina Singleton’s 24-year-old son, Darryl.
In this city of 1.6 million people that tallied 269 homicides last year, Darryl’s death on Sept. 13, 2016, earned him a few lines near the end of a newspaper story, his loss overshadowed by the death of a 21-year-old cousin of rap star Meek Mill.
“He was totally overlooked,” Trina Singleton said. “There were so many people shot that day, he was a number.” Now a new website is working to show that Darryl and victims like him are more than statistics. Since the Philadelphia Obituary Project went live in June, it has posted more than 30 in-depth obituaries of city homicide victims from the past 18 months.