Register for a CVR Webinar: “Tribal Research Initiatives in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities: Engaging Tribal Leadership and Community Stakeholders”

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 | 2 pm to 3 pm ET
This Center for Victim’s Research (CVR) webinar will cover the unique challenges of designing culturally informed research in tribal communities and Alaska Native villages.
Ada Pecos Melton, MPA; Rita Y. Martinez, BA; and DeeJay Chino, MPA will present strategies for initiating active and meaningful involvement and input by tribal leaders, communities, and citizens.
The webinar will focus on a researcher’s role in:
• Identifying tribal stakeholders and
• Gaining perspective and input at varying levels, including government, community, and citizens.
It will also present the possible roles and responsibilities of stakeholders to:
• Review research proposals, designs, methods, and approaches;
• Anticipate and resolve possible challenges;
• Participate in analysis of findings and publications;
• Assist with dissemination strategies; and
• Utilize research findings to inform tribal public policy, programs, and services.