Revised DOJ Grants Financial Guide- December 2017

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has updated the 2015 DOJ Grants Financial Guide, which is renamed the “DOJ Grants Financial Guide,” and is effective December 2017. Highlights of the changes include the following:

• Replaced the links with appropriate links throughout the document;
• Revised language regarding the POC, Part II, Chapter 2.2: Award Notification and Acceptance Procedures;
• Revised language regarding registration in GPRS for COPS Office awards, Part III, Chapter 3.1: Using the Grant Payment Request System;
• Clarified language regarding request for payments during the last 5 business days of each month, Part III, Chapter 3.1: Payment Transaction Timeline;
• Revised language regarding availability of funds, OJP Specific Tips, Part III, Chapter 3.2: Period of Availability of Funds;
• Replaced the FAQs link in the OVW Specific Tip, Part III, Chapter 3.3: Match Requirements;
• Added an OVW Specific Tip, Part III, Chapter 3.4: Program Income/Introduction and Attorney’s Fees and Costs;
• Revised language regarding adjustments to awards notification, Part III, Chapter 3.5: Grant Adjustment Notice;
• Added language regarding reprogramming of award funds, Part III, Chapter 3.5: Reprogramming of Funds;
• Updated the Sole Source Justification Sample Outline to be consistent with the Guide to Procurements Under DOJ Grants and Cooperative Agreements, Part III, Chapter 3.8: Noncompetitive Practices;
• Updated the salary table for SES employees, Part III, Chapter 3.9: Compensation for Personal Services;
• Revised language regarding employees that work in excess of their established work week, Part III, 3.9: Overtime Compensation;
• Added language regarding drawing down funds on an expired indirect cost rate, Part III, Chapter 3.11: Federal Indirect Cost Rate – Negotiated Agreements;
• Added a link for submitting an indirect cost proposal if OVW is the cognizant agency, Part III, Chapter 3.11: Establishment of Indirect Cost Rates;
• Added language regarding categories of unallowable costs, Part III, Chapter 3.13: Other Unallowable Costs;
• Added language regarding where to report the 10% de minimis indirect cost rate on the SF-425, Part III, Chapter 3.15: Important Reminders;
• Revised language regarding fiscal year, Part III, Chapter 3.19: Audit Threshold;
• Revised language regarding submission of audit report confirmation requests, Part III, Chapter 3.19: Audit Report Confirmation Requests;
• Updated audit findings, Part III, Chapter 3.19: Top Audit Findings (Fiscal Year (2016); and
• Added a new chapter, Part III, Chapter 3.22: Financial Management Training Requirements.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact:
Office of Justice Programs: Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Customer Service Center, at 1-888-514-8556 or by email at

Office on Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office): COPS Office Response Center at 1-800-421-6770 or by e-mail at

Office on Violence Against Women: Grants Financial Management Division at 1-800- 458-0786, or by e-mail at