Save-the-dates: FY 17 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation Purpose Area-Specific Webinars

In an effort to provide guidance on the FY 17 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS), the Department of Justice is sponsoring a webinar series that will focus on educating applicants about CTAS application requirements and purpose areas.  On December 20th, the CTAS team hosted the CTAS General Overview and Budget development webinars as the first two webinars of the series.  Beginning January 5th, the team will host the purpose area-specific webinars.  The key goals of the purpose area-specific webinars are to:

  • Highlight key application and purpose area requirements;
  • Identify tools and resources for applicants that will facilitate the application process; and
  • Provide opportunities for applicants to obtain detailed information regarding purpose areas of interest   from the subject matter experts.

Please save the dates for the 2017 CTAS applicant webinars and please note that registration information for each webinar is forthcoming.

FY 17 CTAS Applicant Webinar Schedule

Topic Date/Time Lead
CTAS Application: General Overview 12/20 @ 1:00 EST DOJ/CTAS
CTAS Application: Budget Development 12/21 @ 1:00pm EST OCFO/COPS Financial Division
CTAS Application:  Purpose Area 1 1/5/17 @ 3:00pm EST COPS
CTAS Application: Purpose Areas 2, 3, & 4 1/5/17@ 1:00pm EST BJA
CTAS Application: Purpose Area 5 1/12/17 @1:00pm EST OVW
CTAS Application: Purpose Areas 6 & 7 1/12/16 @ 3:00pm EST OVC
CTAS Application: Purpose Areas 8&9 1/17/16 @ 1:00 pm EST OJJDP
CTAS Application: Checklist Review and Q&A 2/9/16 @ 1:00pm EST DOJ/CTAS