Spotlight on the Police Executive Research Forum’s (PERF) Executive Guidebook

PERF’s Executive Guidebook: “Practical Approaches for Strengthening Law Enforcement’s Response to Sexual Assault” is a must-read for law enforcement professionals, prosecutors, victim advocates, and other community partners who respond to sexual assault.
The “wow factor” comes from the skillful writing and integration of important principles in sexual assault investigation, with practical guidelines for how to implement those ideas. PERF starts with the core value of conducting thorough and professional investigations, and consistently emphasizes the importance of providing victims with safety, support, and advocacy – rather than an attitude of skepticism or blame. Yet these are not just words: The Guidebook provides concrete recommendations on how to translate them into practice.
Throughout the Guidebook, realistic and detailed recommendations cover everything from how to implement a victim-centered approach, to how to produce effective sexual assault documentation. Best of all, they were developed by people working in the field – primarily law enforcement, with the aid of victim advocates and other system partners.
The Guidebook was developed with funding from the US Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women (OVW). It was also informed by feedback from numerous practitioners and partners, including EVAWI staff.