U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Funding Opportunity: “Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country”

American Indians (AI) and Alaska Natives (AN) have higher rates of disease, injury, and premature death than other racial and ethnic groups in the United States [1, 2]. AI and AN adults have a higher prevalence of obesity, are twice as likely to have diagnosed diabetes, and are more likely to be current smokers[3]. Rates of death due to stroke and heart disease are higher among AI and AN than among members of other racial and ethnic groups [4]. The prevalence of tooth decay among AI and AN children aged two to five years is nearly three times the US average [5]. Since 2014, NCCDPHP has funded three (3) cooperative agreements to reduce health disparities and increase health equity among American Indians and Alaska Natives. A Comprehensive Approach to Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country (DP14-1421, or GHWIC) has long-term goals of reducing rates of death and disability from tobacco use, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, and reducing the prevalence of obesity. GHWIC supports a coordinated, holistic approach to healthy living and chronic disease prevention using community-chosen, culturally adapted policies, systems, and environmental improvements to achieve these goals.
Current Closing Date for Applications: May 15, 2019.