Unified Solutions July 2018 E-bulletin Now Available!

Check out the latest news from OVC to include the new Tribal Set-Aside Solicitation from the Federal Crime Victims Fund Allocation (3% set-aside). This year, for the first time, the appropriations act provides for funds from the CVF to be used to support a broadly applicable tribal set-aside program for Indian tribes to improve services to crime victims. OVC anticipates making up to $110 million available through this solicitation to support tribes to improve victim services. Other highlighted OVC news include links to resources such as the Model Standards for Serving Victims & Survivors of Victims e-publication, the Vicarious Trauma toolkit, and the Victim Impact: Listen and Learn Video Series. Want to nominate someone for a 2019 National Crime Victims’ Service Award? Check out page 1 for nomination criteria information and nomination deadlines.
This month, Unified recognizes resources related to sex trafficking, a tribal opioid response grant from SAMHSA, a violence against Native Women Resource: “Listen to the Grandmothers Video Discussion Guidebook,” and NCA’s new Physical Abuse Response Guide, & much more! Interested in presenting at the 16th National Indian Nations Conference or in a free DOJ Training related to the enforcement of illicit drug trafficking in Indian Country? Scroll to the training and events section on page 4.
Don’t miss out on our special highlight of the Northwest OVC Grantee Regional Training Workshop held in Airways Heights, WA from June 26-28, 2018 (page 5-6).