Unified Solutions September 2018 E-bulletin Now Available!

Check out the latest news from OVC to include information about OVC mobile resource apps, crime victimization and fact sheets, and an analysis of the FY16 VOCA Victim Assistance Formula Grant Program. Want to make an impact on the resources available to victims and victim service providers? Learn about two new projects, The Tribal Resource Tool and the Healing Justice project, both of which are requesting resource input from professionals like you (links included)! Also, be sure to refer to Page 3 to read about important updates to the Department of Justice (DOJ) Financial Guide.
This month, Unified recognizes resources related to tribal child welfare, tribal grants education and technical assistance webinar series, human trafficking in native communities, the tribal access program (TAP), and much more! Also included in this month’s bulletin is a special highlight of our final OVC Grantee Regional Training Workshop of Summer 2018 that was held in Anchorage, AK from August 7-9, 2018.