Balancing the Scales: Protecting Victims in the Age of Pretrial Reform

National Center for Victims of Crime’s National Training Institute is quickly approaching. Here is a plenary being offered at this year’s event.
Victim safety is a critical element of criminal justice reform. During this plenary, panelists Orleny Rojas from the Center for Court Innovation, Jen LaChance from Through These Doors, and Shawn LaGrega from Maine Pretrial Services will discuss balancing safety and justice within the pretrial system.
Many jurisdictions are seeking to eliminate cash bail due to the inherent injustice it creates in our pretrial system. Because of cash bail, whether a person is held pretrial is determined based upon their income and socioeconomic status determine who is held pretrial, which crucially impacts whether they are found guilty. There are also significant racial and ethnic disparities that exist in pretrial release decision making, which are related to cash bail.
Risk assessments have emerged as an innovative tool to address many of these concerns, but they do not always consider the safety of the victim. This plenary will examine how we merge the competing interests of fairness for the accused and safety for the victim in our pretrial system.” Find out more or register to attend here.