Calling all Research Fans! The Center for Victim Researh (CVR) has built a library just for you!

Are you always the first to know about the newest studies in your field? Do you check your web stats multiple times a day? Are you constantly brainstorming new and better ways to survey your clients? The Center For Victim Research (CVR) has built a library just for you! Their open access library of public reports is freely available, PLUS, if you get VOCA Funding, you can sign up at to receive FREE access to over 800 peer-reviewed journals and resources!
Podcasts on progress – Want to know what leading researchers and practitioners are doing to advance victimization prevention and response? Check out the CVR podcast, “Tell Us About It: Victim Research Convos.”
Here are a few examples:
• Jack McDevitt on his work on hate crime statistics
• Sherry Hamby on polyvictimization and polystrengths
• The Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center on how they use research