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“Submit Your Survey by October 14, 2019
OVC and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) are working with Westat to conduct the National Survey of Victim Service Providers (NSVSP), the more detailed follow-up survey to the National Census of Victim Service Providers.
If your organization was selected for the NSVSP, please complete and submit the survey by October 14, 2019. Your program or organization will represent other victim service providers that share similar characteristics as the NSVSP is not a census of all victim service providers.
The overall goal of the NSVSP is to fill important gaps in our understanding of victim service providers and the victims they serve, providing insight into how the field is equipped to meet victims’ needs. The collection of this detailed information will assist funders and policymakers in better understanding the work and needs of providers, and provide important information for practitioners about the different ways they are structured, organized, and resourced to carry out their mission.
For more information or if you need technical assistance, please contact the survey team at Westat by telephone at 1-855-857-9454 or by e-mail at” Click here for more information.