DOJ Training Announcement – Federal Criminal Practice for Tribal Prosecutors Seminar – July 30 – August 2, 2019

The National Indian Country Training Initiative, together with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, is pleased to announce they are co-sponsoring the Federal Criminal Practice for Tribal Prosecutors Seminar. The seminar is July 30 – August 2, 2019, at the National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina. Lodging and travel accommodations will be provided by the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Education. This is a free training.
This seminar, a partnership between the National Indian Country Training Initiative and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, is intended for law-trained and state bar licensed tribal prosecutors and tribal attorneys interested in serving or already serving as a Special Assistant United States Attorney (SAUSA) in a United States Attorney’s office.
The training will cover the fundamentals of criminal federal practice, including the rules of federal criminal procedure, complaint drafting, indictments, search warrants, magistrate court practice, the elements of commonly charged offenses, and the principles of federal prosecution. This training will also present an in-depth look at grand jury procedure, including mechanics, secrecy, strategy, acquisition of evidence, privileges, immunity, dealing with hostile/recalcitrant witnesses, multiple representation, conflicts of interest, and ethical issues. In addition, this seminar will cover e-discovery and the calculation and use of sentencing guidelines.
Nomination forms are due by May 24, 2019. If you are providing more than one nomination form for your office, please rank each nomination in the order of preference. You will see a space for providing the order of preference for attendance on the application form.
The NICTI will review all nominations and the NICTI will send an e-mail advising nominees of their selection on or about June 3, 2019. Selected nominees will also receive information on how to book travel and lodging.