Great Resource from International Assosication of Chiefs of Police

Establishing or Enhancing Law Enforcement-Based Victim Services – What are the key considerations?
“Research shows that victims of crime may experience a variety of short- and long-term challenges in the aftermath of the crime. They encounter multiple complex systems and they may feel confused and overwhelmed. Victims who choose to participate with the criminal justice system are at risk for secondary victimization, which is an indirect result of the crime that occurs through the responses of individuals and institutions. Types of secondary victimization include victim blaming, inappropriate behavior or language, and indifference or disregard of victims’ needs and wishes by criminal justice personnel or other organizations with access to victims post-crime. Victims who experience secondary victimization by law enforcement are less likely to continue participating with the reporting and prosecution process (Rich & Seffrin, 2012; Hardy, Young, & Holmes, 2009).”
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