Improving Criminal Sexual Assault Investigations with Suspect Forensic Examinations (Part 2)

“The purpose of this webinar is to provide step by step instructions for providing a suspect examination with evidence collected by a forensic nurse. The timing of the suspect examination and maintaining the chain of custody will be discussed. Examples of Evidence collection, using a Suspect Evidence Collection Kit, will illustrate how to collect fingernail cuttings and swabs from the hands/fingers and mouth when appropriate. The presenter will go over the literature and the use of an ALS light for scanning the suspect’s body. The presenter will also highlight the purpose of photographs, and recommendations for best practices regarding medical records, storage and law enforcement access for these forensic exams.
Finally, a case presentation will tie all the elements together for the participants. Resources such as EVAW’s OLTI module on the Forensic Examination of Sexual Assault Victims and Suspects will be available for participants.” Register Here.