National Children’s Alliance’s (NCA) New “One in Ten” Podcast Debuts

In NCA’s new podcast, One in Ten, NCA Executive Director Teresa Huizar engages in one-on-one conversations with experts on science, law, medicine, morality, and messaging. Listen in to learn about the latest in best practices and developing trends.
Episode 101, “Child Abuse as a Public Health Issue.” Research indicates that 15-20 percent of girls and 5-10 percent of boys in the United States are affected by child sexual abuse. Those are numbers that should make everyone sit up and take notice. And yet one of the biggest funding gaps in our field is the lack of government support for prevention research. Elizabeth Letourneau of the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse shares what policies she sees as fundamentally flawed, where the bright spots are, and why prevention should be a federal priority.
In Episode 102, “Faith, Trauma, and the Problem of Evil,” Teresa talks to renowned writer and trainer Victor Vieth from Zero Abuse Project about the intersection of faith and child protection. How do we respond when children struggle to understand what happened to them in the context of their faith? How can we help survivors and frontline professionals who wrestle with the human need to make sense of a world where we bear witness to trauma every day? As a Christian theologian and a former prosecutor, Victor knows the importance of learning how to handle when faith, trauma, and the problem of evil collide.
Coming soon this month and next:
• Episode 103, “The Bystander Effect—Why People Don’t Report Child Abuse,” with Wendy Walsh of the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire.
• Episode 104, “A Matter of Priorities: Institutional Sexual Abuse,” with Mary Graw Leary of The Catholic University of America School of Law.
• Episode 105, “Framing to Build Public Action,” with Nat Kendall-Taylor of the FrameWorks Institute.