Help OVC raise awareness about the hotline by using the National Elder Fraud Hotline artwork on your website and as part of your online, email, and social media marketing campaigns.In March, the U.S. Department of Justice launched the National Elder Fraud Hotline, operated by OVC, that provides services to adults ages 60 and older who may be victims of financial fraud.

The Hotline is staffed by experienced case managers who provide personalized support to callers by assessing the needs of the victim, and identifying relevant next steps. Case managers can assist callers with reporting the suspected fraud to relevant agencies and provide resources and referrals to other appropriate services as needed.

On June 17, 2020, an Expert Q&A webinar will be hosted by the OVC Training and Technical Assistance Center, titled “The U.S. Department of Justice National Elder Fraud Hotline To Assist Victims of Financial Fraud”. The session has reached capacity, but it will be recorded and posted on the Expert Q&A Past Sessions section of the OVC Training and Technical Assistance.

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