Apply by May 26, 2020

OVC is seeking applicants for the FY 2020 Developing Future Victim Specialists to Serve American Indian/Alaska Native Victims of Crime solicitation.

This program will develop a workforce of direct victim service providers to American Indian and Alaska Native victims in hard-to-staff positions and locations.By identifying and training prospective victim service professionals in, or from, the communities to be served, tribal and Bureau of Indian Affairs’ victim service programs will be better able to fill direct victim service positions in remote Indian Country and Alaska Native locations, and in turn ensure that victims in these locations get the services they need.

OVC anticipates that it will make awards under two purpose areas, as follows:
• Purpose Area 1—Recruiting Interns/Residents to Serve Tribal Victims in the Continental United States.
• Purpose Area 2—Recruiting Interns/Residents to Serve Tribal Victims in Alaska.

OVC anticipates making up to 8 awards of up to $450,000 each for a 36-month period of performance.

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