New Webinar on “Victim Link and Seek Then Speak”

Join End Violence Against Women International – EVAWI for an informational webinar on “Victim Link and Seek Then Speak” on June 20, 2019 at 1:00pm EDT.
Bringing “Victim Link and Seek Then Speak” to your city, town, or campus can demonstrate to your community that you’re doing all you can to provide options and resources to victims of sexual assault and their support persons.
For victims of sexual assault, figuring out what to do in the aftermath of the assault can be a daunting and terrifying experience. Many face significant obstacles in reporting the crime and accessing services. One way to help remove some of these barriers and empower survivors is to make informational resources and alternative reporting options available in your community. “Victim Link and Seek Then Speak” helps survivors explore their options for reporting a sexual assault and obtaining services, all from the safety and privacy of their own homes.