Technical Assistance

Unified Solutions serves individuals, communities, and programs that seek to end crimes of domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, juvenile delinquency, and other violent crimes affecting their community.  We are committed to empowering American Indian and Alaska Native tribes in an effort to heal from trauma and preserve the sovereignty of each nation.  The following are some of the areas wherein Unified Solutions provides Technical Assistance:

Skills Training
On-site training workshops, regional seminars, conferences, teleclasses.

Needs Assessment
Comprehensive assessments designed and/or administered. In-person, telephone, or written interviews depending on the needs of community or workplace.

Capacity Building
Grassroots leadership courses and program management skills. Facilitating community conversations and coordinated agency responses. Mentoring programs.

Strategic Planning
Developing goals, objectives, and a plan of action for your program and community.

Sustainability Development
Budgeting for program development, grant-writing workshops, maximizing human, fiscal, and community resources.

Program Evaluation
Data collection and interpretation, establishing feedback loops throughout your organization.

Coaching and Consulting
One-to-one personal contact for technical support and greater effectiveness. Techniques for improved group dynamics in the workplace.

For more information on any of the services that we provide or to receive technical assistance, please feel free to contact us!