Tribal Law and Policy Institute Introduces Webinar Wednesday: Legal Series

“All webinars will begin at 10:00 AM AKT /11:00 AM PT /12:00 PM MT /1:00 PM CT /2:00 PM ET

Save the Date: September 11th – Tribal Protection Orders, this webinar will review best practices for drafting tribal protection orders to meet the needs of victims, invoke the Full Faith and Credit requirements of VAWA 2013, explore enforcement issues and review some of the promising strategies for enforcement of protection orders in outside jurisdictions.

October 9th – Tribal Domestic Violence Courts and Dockets, this webinar will address how a tribal DV court/docket narrows the possibility of manipulation during the encounter with the legal system as well as the benefits and challenges of designing a tribal domestic violence court/docket, importance of protocol development and sustainability of a specialized court/docket.”

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