The National Center recently launched a new website focused on victim-centered justice reform as part of our work on the Safety and Justice Challenge. The website serves as a resource hub for materials related to victim-centered criminal justice reform. 

Through this effort, we will be releasing a four-part video series exploring the link between childhood trauma and later involvement with the justice system. Each mini-episode will focus on the enduring effects of trauma, victimization, and shame as they relate to individuals involved with the justice system. Video segments will include feature interviews of survivors of childhood trauma on their experiences with the criminal justice system. The series will be funded by the MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge. You can watch an introduction video to the series here.

The first episode is now available on the website and features Dr. Justin Ramsdell, an assistant professor of psychology at George Mason University. Dr. Ramsdell also practices forensic psychology and frequently consults as an expert witness, primarily in cases involving law enforcement officers’ use of force and crisis de-escalation with individuals experiencing mental health breaks.

New episodes will be released weekly on the website. Stay tuned for updates on episode topics and guest announcements.

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