Responding to Child Abuse Programs and Funding

Child abuse can have lifelong consequences that last well into adulthood. However, the psychological toll on victims and families can be mitigated with evidence-based, trauma-informed care from experienced multidisciplinary teams. OJJDP funds projects, programs and training that are critical to the intervention and investigation of child abuse and neglect cases. Read more…

Supporting Young Parents

Adolescent parenting has been associated with increases in maternal and infant health risks, poverty, inadequate family support, and greater risk for domestic violence and child abuse and neglect. Building resilience and social connections among young parents is vital and can be done by offering support services to enhance parent education, Read more…

The Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs Announced $87 Million in Funding to Combat Human Trafficking

The Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs announced almost $87 million in funding to combat human trafficking, provide supportive services to trafficking victims throughout the United States and conduct research into the nature and causes of labor and sex trafficking. Read the full release:

Program Profile: Impower Program for American Indian Girls.

Resource: National Institute of Justice presents “Program Profile: Impower Program for American Indian Girls.” This report covers the sexual assault prevention program adapted for American Indian girls that sought to reduce sexual assault victimization and to improve sexual assault resistance skills and self-defense knowledge. Learn more at