Training Opportunity: May 31, 2022. Coordinated Community Response Teams Putting Their Values to Work.

Part of the Webinar Series: Slowing Down to Work at the Speed of Humanity The second webinar highlights methods programs can use to build meaningful collaborations with First Nations and other underrepresented communities. Pam Willhoite, with Pine River Shares, and Gretchen Groenke, food justice activist and advocate, explain the steps coordinated community response teams can take to support leaders from First Nation and other marginalized communities in creating multi-faceted response teams that benefit all members of their rural communities.

Pam Willhoite is director of Pine River Shares, a constituent-led organization. Pam’s expertise is in rural program development; building cultural bridges between mainstream and indigenous communities; consensus-building facilitation; and coordinated community response team development. Gretchen Groenke’s expertise is in developing culturally-relevant and responsive strategies mainstream organizations can apply when collaborating with indigenous leaders in rural communities. She is co-director of the Mancos Valley FoodShare program and community advocate.

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