“End Violence Against Women International – EVAWI announces the second installment in their training bulletin series on trauma-informed interviewing and investigations: Trauma-Informed Interviewing and the Criminal Sexual Assault Case: Where Investigative Technique Meets Evidentiary Value. In this installment, EVAWI explores what types of evidence can potentially be produced from a trauma-informed interview with a sexual assault victim, and what it can (and cannot) accomplish within the US legal system. Recommendations are offered for how such evidence should (and should not) be used during the course of a sexual assault investigation and prosecution.
With prosecution expert Roger Canaff as the lead author, and co-authors Dr. Kim Lonsway and Sgt. Joanne Archambault (Ret.), this training bulletin builds on the groundwork laid out in the first installment: Becoming Trauma-Informed: Learning and Appropriately Applying the Neurobiology of Trauma to Victim Interviews.”

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