National Center for Victims of Crime is Excited to Announce their Newest Podcast: Parallel Justice!Parallel Justice dives into civil justice sought for criminal acts, exploring headline civil cases with the attorneys who led them.

Hosted by Executive Director Renee Williams, Esq., this podcast shares cases and litigation against some of the most powerful figures and institutions in society, including Jefferey Epstein, Scientology, the US Olympics Committee and the Catholic Church, from the perspective of attorneys who brought suits against them. The inaugural episode of Parallel Justice, “Unmasking Our Idols”, is an interactive discussion between Vince Finaldi, John Clune, and Kristen Gibbons Fedden, three high powered National Crime Victim Bar Association attorneys who fought back against Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinsten and Supreme Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In the first of this two part episode, host Renee Williams dives into complex questions about supporting survivors who are abused by high profile defendants, unique challenges faced, and what attorneys, providers and other victim service professionals can do to make sure that survivors are aware of their rights, options and are treated fairly. Parallel Justice’s first episode, “Unmasking Our Idols”, is live now!

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