The National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s “Setting Boundaries for the Holidays During a Pandemic” is a great COVID-19 Resource!”

“With the holiday season coming up, and a new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading, it’s an important time to talk about setting boundaries with loved ones. The ways in which holiday and family traditions must change this year is a loss that each of us is coping with differently. The pandemic has made the role of boundaries in our daily lives and relationships more tangible than ever — properly wearing a mask, maintaining a six-foot distance from others, canceling in-person activities, and avoiding groups and public places. Each of us is making decisions on a daily basis to protect ourselves and our families, but none of us has total control of our own safety since we must rely on those around us to help keep us safe. From the stranger in the grocery store to those we share our homes with, it is more clear than ever that our choices directly impact others, and that honoring one another’s boundaries is the only way for all of us to be safe.”
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