In this month’s E-Bulletin, check out the latest news from OVC, including DOJ and OVC’s Tribal Grant Awards Announcements of a combined $395.8 million in funding, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Bullying Prevention Month resources, and the Bureau of Justice Statistics 2019 Criminal Victimization report. An important JustGrants Announcement for this month can be found on Page 3. This announcement covers up-to-date information on the transition to the new Justice Grants System (JustGrants) and Automated Standard Application for Payments System (ASAP). October’s E-Bulletin features informational and training resources related to survivors’ needs during COVID-19 and beyond, domestic violence and transitional housing toolkits, information to become a provider on the Tribal Resource Tool, a call for presenters for NICWA’s 39th Annual Protecting our Children Conference, a webinar Wednesday series on sex trafficking in Indian Country, a national leadership conference, and so much more!

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