“The goal of this program is to facilitate program support to benefit the ICAC task force program. The primary objective will be the delivery of specific products to serve law enforcement and other key stakeholders affiliated with the ICAC task force program. The deliverables are directed toward the continuation, expansion, and enhancement of the ICAC task force program which includes: (1) develop and implement a strategic plan for support service delivery; (2) plan to support an ICAC task force national training event and commanders’ meetings, and assist in the implementation of the National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction (National Strategy); (3) develop and maintain a system for monitoring consumer feedback; (4) maintain, expand, and regularly update the training and technical assistance website; (5) plan for general project management and monthly reporting; and (6) conduct special projects or develop products to support ICAC task forces as directed by OJJDP.” Read more or apply here.

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