When we talk about domestic violence, we talk a lot about power and control because abuse does not happen in a vacuum. It’s so important to #ConnectTheDots between domestic violence and structural injustices happening in our world today. All forms of violence and oppression are connected. That’s why it’s important to #ConnectTheDots between domestic violence, racism, and the work necessary to dismantle them both. For #FindItFriday, consider where you find imbalances of power and control in your community, or in the stories and media you consume. Share with your friends and family what you are doing to combat these power imbalances and invite them to join you in creating a safer, more equitable world.
For #ShareItSaturday, tag NNEDV on social media and share what you have learned and the commitments you’re making to help create a better world during DVAM and beyond.

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