Training Opportunity: 06/02/22. The Survivor Decides: Core Confidentiality For Victim Service Providers.

Confidentiality is an essential part of community-based, survivor-centered victim services. But sometimes, we can start to lose track of what we really mean by “confidentiality” and what its actual purpose really is. We might start to obsess over whether we are following the rule correctly or feel paralyzed by fear of doing it wrong. There is a simple remedy to this paralysis: focus on facilitating survivor choice. 

Confidentiality is not a burden imposed on survivors by outside rule-makers. Confidentiality is a tool for survivors to exercise autonomy and manage risk. This session is designed to ground advocates (both brand new and experienced) in the basics. In this session, we will: Name the purpose and intended impact of survivor confidentiality for victim services providers; Understand how the VAWA confidentiality rule supports survivor choice about whether and how to have advocates disclose information; and Describe a simple process for making judgment calls about how to respect survivor confidentiality.

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