National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) Listening Session on Promoting Social Justice For Tribal Children and Families: Perspectives on Redesigning Child Welfare
Calls to dismantle and redesign policing across the United States to address institutional racism have focused a spotlight on other institutions and systems, including child welfare. Child welfare advocates are asking how child welfare systems in the United States should be redesigned to address long-standing barriers and biases, especially for children and families of color.
American Indian and Alaska Native children and families have long been overrepresented in state foster care systems and experience disparities in access to services with less favorable outcomes when compared to non-Indigenous children and families. The National Indian Child Welfare Association has begun to talk with child welfare advocates to explore how other communities and organizations are viewing child welfare redesign work. We also need to hear from tribal communities, especially those with lived experience. As such, we are hosting a listening session to share what we are hearing from other child welfare advocates and hear from tribal voices regarding their perspectives and experiences.
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